One thing I miss about living in Europe is all of the great photo opportunities it presented. Yes, there are things here in the states that are worth photographing, but a lot of them I saw as a kid growing up so they are kind of "old news" for me. But photography is a fun hobby for me and below are just a small sampling of what is available on my Flickr page.


135i Stelvio HDR
First up is my favorite picture of the 135i we had up in the Italian Alps at Stelvio Pass. This is an HDR image generated from 3 standard raw images at different exposures with my Nikon D40x.
Drive-By #2
The main thing I love about this photo is the motion blur of both the Rims and the background of the image.
GTR Sedona Red 135i


Niagara Falls Panoramic
Niagara Falls Panoramic

Low Res Panoramic from RŸdesheim
The Rhine river near Rüdesheim from the hillside.

Heidelburg Panoramic

Stelvio Pass Panoramic
Stelvio Pass




Clean VWs HDR

BMW Headquarters Daytime HDR

E90 Front Woods.png